Health & Wellbeing - Our Vision

We encourage our members take part in physical activity, our popular Zumba class has gone into its fourth year, with Lorraine Sharp leading the class. Our low impact aerobics class with Julia Gorman, which is mostly seated is always very popular.

We have been offering 6 members support with healthy eating, based on ‘The Eat Well Plate’ and government recommended guidelines. The focus is not on weighing scales, but more on eating a balanced diet for health and their overall wellbeing.

We have also started a Tai Chi class recently, members who attended this have said they have benefitted even after one session. One member said they had slept for a full eight hours which is something they haven’t done in a long time.

Our “so you think you can’t run” group has gone on to running a full 10K course and won medals, so a huge well done to them.

Our singing group ended their summer term with a concert held in Oswestry, such a massive achievement from a group that thought they couldn’t sing back in February.

We aim to encompass the Powys Public Health team’s ‘Five ways to wellbeing’ at our Wellness & Recovery Learning Centres.

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